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NJ-211, New Jersey Colonial Currency. 1786 1 Shilling. PCGS Currency Very Fine 25PPQ. The last New Jersey Colonial issue. Printed by Isaac Collins. SIC (Sculpsit Isaac Collins) appears on stem of sage leaf nature print. These notes remained as legal tender through Dec. 5, 1798, and were thus mostly redeemed and then destroyed.  This is born out by the fact that of the 50,000 printed (split between plate positions A,B and C) extent pieces are few and far between and mostly in tattered to VF condition. No uncirculated notes are known.  This well centered and well inked note boasts strong signatures and serial number. On top of that the paper quality is excellent for a middle grade note, as indicated by the PCGS PPQ designation. A very nice and quite scarce note that rarely appears in the marketplace.


Signers: Benjamin Smith, James Ewing

Serial number: 49163

Plate Position: C


Provenance: Heritage Auctions Jan.11, 2023, Lot #20013, where it was described as following:New Jersey 1786 1s PCGS Very Fine 25PPQ.Notes from this final New Jersey issue virtually never earn the PPQ designation, especially at the Very Fine grade level. Seen with good margins, clean paper, and wonderful printing. Signed by Smith and Ewing. J(ames) Ewing, one of the signers of this note, was the youngest son of Thomas Ewing, Sr. and Mary Maskell. James was born on July 12, 1744 and participated in the less famous New Jersey "Tea Party". On the night of Thursday, December 22, 1774, Ewing and others destroyed a quantity of tea which had been landed at Greenwich, New Jersey, contrary to the Articles of Association of the Continental Congress. Ewing was also a partner of Isaac Collins, who was the printer of the New Jersey Gazette and the printer of this note. We previously sold this note for $1,380 in 2010 and then again for $1,552 in 2012. This is the second finest example we have sold for any denomination from this series.

NJ-211, New Jersey Colonial Note. PCGS VF25PPQ

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