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Numismatic Literature

There is an old numismatic maxim that will never lose its importance, "Buy the Book Before the Coin." Information is essential. Books and catalogs are worth their weight in gold (or Early Copper Coins) . They will help you avoid mistakes. They will help you find the occasional great buy. They will help you stay focused on the numismatic task you have chosen. They will provide a deeper appreciation for your collection, as well countless  hours of enjoyable reading and research. "Buy the Book Before the Coin"  


Book Conditions


As new — no signs of wear or defects.

Very Fine—barely used

Fine — nice clean copy, slight signs of use.

Very Good — average used and worn book, complete.

Reading copy — poor but readable.

Ex-library—with library identification marks.

Please keep in mind that media mail shipping is included in all prices. 

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