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1787 Machin’s Mills Halfpenny. Vlack 21-87D. 118.5 gr. R-4. VF20 with some fine to moderate roughness on the surfaces, which is mostly, if not all, pre-strike planchet roughness. An EAC grade of Fine 12 would be accurate. No verdigris or post-strike contact marks. Partly glossy chocolate brown surfaces. Quite well struck, with bold date, and well centered.


Provenance: Neil Rothschild Early Cents Auction 9/29/2021,Lot #31;  Donald A Mituzas-Frealan “Bud” Bibbins. McCawley & Grellman C-4 Auction 11/8/1997. Includes Bibbins collection Envelope and Rothschild Auction insert.

1787 Machins Mills Half-Penny V21-87D VF 20

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