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1787 Connecticut Copper. Miller 33.7-r.2, NGC AU58. A wonderful chocolate brown piece, with smooth glossy surfaces on both sides. The presence of any actual wear is debatable. Nearly perfect centering. Not a rare variety, however this example most certainty falls with  in the condition census, with only two mint state examples that may claim to be better overall. Obverse break between CTO is evident, which indicates this to be a mid die state. Further attesting to its mid die state status, (bordering on late die state), is the broken B, die break forming beneath TLIB, and a well-developed diagonal die break at the upper right of L, on the reverse. The notoriously weak strike usually seen on the r.2 reverse is not as prevalent on this piece.    


1787 DBL Connecticut Copper Miller 33.7-r.2 NGC AU58

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