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1787 Connecticut Copper. Miller 14-H. Pheons variety. PCGS AU53. Beautiful hard, smooth and glossy, reddish- brown fields. Well centered obv. Rev. is slightly off center toward 3:00 effecting the tops of LIB. Faint evidence of having been double struck, which can be seen most clearly on Liberties arm holding branch.  Late Die State obverse with goatee break beginning under the chin. A great example of this variety, which boats the unique pheon ornaments and a triple leaf obverse which has been finished by a hand unlike that of any other Connecticut variety. Reverse also with pheons and known only as married to the 14 obverse. This reverse is also unique in that it has arrows next o the date. Reverse is from a very late die state with advanced clashing at ET, which is recut, and bulging in field from branch to ET. This condition census piece is better than the VF Taylor and Twin Leaf specimens. Better than the Robert Martin piece which was weakly struck (PCGS AU50). Better than Ford which was XF microgranular,  Similar to Perkins, but this piece has superior strike and surfaces. Also, similar too lot Partrick, 12/1/20, lot #44121 (PCGS MS60), although this piece is better struck. Better than Partrick (12/1/20) lot #’s 44122 (NGC AU50) and 44123 (NGC XF45)     

1787 Connecticut Copper Miller 14H, PCGS AU53

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