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1787 Connecticut Copper. MBL. Miller 10-E, R5+ (31-45 known) PCGS VF Damage-Details. The details designation is due to several small pinpricks on the reverse. Early obverse die state, as the break over AUCTORI is over the I, with no indication of the cud or bulge that appears on the later die state. Reverse, as usual, is slightly off center. What is not usual is that the reverse is rotated counter-clockwise, 100 degrees. The reverse is also an early die state. Pleasing chocolate brown, with generally smooth surfaces. Natural planchet defects are seen at the neck area of the obverse. The reverse has several small pinpricks. Overall, I would give this piece EAC VF20. Overall, this is a very presentable example of this scarce die combination. Comes with JR Grellman attribution and grade, as well as the Goldberg Auction flip and information.


Provenance: Goldbergs Auction Sale 41, Ore Long Beach, May 2007, lot #29          

1787 Connecticut Copper, Miller 10-E, R5+, PCGS VF details

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