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1786 New Jersey Copper. Maris 18-N,  Rarity-5+ (31-45 known). Wide Shield, Bridle. VF-20. 133.8 grains. This is a beautiful example of this rare variety, which in the Taylor sale was called “possibly finest known.” Since then it has fallen out of the condition census but is still likely one of the 15 best in existence. In Bowers Stacks sale of the Dr. Shaw collection the surfaces were described as such “Surfaces are mostly light brown, with areas of darker brown patination in the fields and most protected areas of the devices. "Some unimportant porosity," as it was described in the 1987 Taylor Sale, is actually better described as the surface texture created by the two-tone surface patina.”


Provenance: Dr. Gordon Shaw Collection March 2017, lot 247. Earlier ex Bowers & Merena's sale of the Frederick B. Taylor Collection, March 1987, lot 2181.

1786 New Jersey Copper, Maris 18N R5+. VF20.Ex Taylor

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