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A predominantly medium copper-brown example with intermingled golden-brown highlights on the obverse. The obverse is well centered on a broad, ovoid planchet with an irregular extension at 11:30. The reverse is a tad off center to 9 o'clock, the top of the letter E off the flan. All major design elements are appreciable, however, and most are quite bold at the middle reaches of the numismatic grading scale. The surfaces are a bit rough overall, the lower left reverse with a few swirls of ancient verdigris, but there are no mentionable marks. DS2, with the top of the letter R in PLURIBUS incomplete to define the popular PLUKIBUS Guide Book variety. While many large planchet striking of Maris 17-b are overstruck, others are not, and there is no discernible evidence of an undertype on the present example.

Provenance: From the Norman G. Peters Collection. Collector envelope with attribution notation included.

1786 New Jersey Copper. Maris 17-b, W-4870. Rarity-3. Straight Plow Beam, Narrow

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